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Digitalinet Support/FAQs
*** Almost everything you may need to do with your account can be done via your control panel.
- How do I manage my email accounts? Simply login to the control panel (click link above)
- How to I manage my website's files? You may login to the control panel & use the file manager. You may also use an ftp client to ftp to You may also use front page extentions.
- What is my account's path? /home/YOURUSERNAMEHERE/public_html
- What is my root web folder named (where you upload your html files/images etc) your root web folder is public_html.
Mail Server Information:
Username must be in the following format:
Pop3 Server Address: (Example, actually type in your domain)
Smtp Server Address: (Example, actually type in your domain)
*Smtp requires outgoing authentication
Digitalinet Cpanel (Control Panel) Login


Digitalinet Web Mail Login


Billing Update/Upgrade - Update your billing information and or upgrade your Digitalinet account.
Domain Name Registration/Renewal - Register a new domain or renew a domain name you have with Digitalinet.